Close Encounters with Elephants in French Lick – West Baden, Indiana

Have a once in a lifetime experience with elephants in French Lick West Baden, Indiana. Wilstem Ranch houses three elephants during March – November every year. Plan your visit to the area so you can make memories with the largest mammals on the planet!


Bathe the elephants


At Wilstem Ranch, you can sign up to participate in a “Spa Day” with the elephants. One of the activities involves bathing the enormous creatures! The elephants enjoy splashing around, and you can join in on the fun. Help these big animals cool down with a nice bath, and watch them play in the water.


“Paint” their toenails



There’s nothing like a relaxing pedicure, and the elephants at Wilstem Ranch agree! Children participating in the elephant spa day can “paint” the toenails of the elephants. This moment is sure to produce an ear-to-ear grin on any little one’s face! (Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult.)


Spa days last an hour, and are followed by an hour long elephant encounter experience.


Spend an hour learning about the elephants and ask questions.


If you are not interested in the “spa package” perhaps you would enjoy the hour long elephant encounter! Get to know the elephants by asking the elephant experts questions like…How do elephants sleep? How much food do they eat? And how much does that thing weigh??


Touch the elephants and their ivory tusks.



Who hasn’t dreamed of petting an elephant? These gentle giants have captured the hearts of humans for centuries, and now you finally have your chance to pet them! The elephant encounter allows all the participants to have a bucket-list-worthy moment by softly petting the elephant and their ivory tusks.


Take a selfie with the elephants!



Break the internet with your best selfie yet! Everyone gets the chance to snap a pic with these beautiful beasts. When you are done taking the selfie of a lifetime, be sure to share it using our hashtag #MyFrenchLick. After you have posted your selfie, check out more photos of elephants, and things to do in the area on our Instagram.


Visit with other animals at Wilstem Ranch.


Think you can handle more excitement? Wilstem Ranch also provides the opportunity to interact with special animals like giraffes, kangaroos, and more! You can also arrange private encounters with the giraffes – making this a dream destination for animal lovers of all ages!


Request a copy of our visitors guide to learn more about Wilstem Ranch and other attractions to add to your itinerary in French Lick – West Baden, Indiana!

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  1. I will be turning 50 this year. This would mark one more thing off of my photography bucket list without going out if the country. I so want to spend time with the elephants.

  2. I am turning 50 this year also, Showed this to my family with tears. Bucket list!! I so want this for my 50th BIRTHDAY!!!

    • Hello Cassidy, There is no age limit. Kids 2 and under are free though! Let us know if we can help with planning materials.

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