Daily Strolls..

Do you ever need a break from the everyday mashings of a keyboard, or the countless meetings? I’ve taken a liking to a daily stroll. Sometimes it seems as though just a few moments to clear your head and rearrange the thoughts that have been bouncing around and partying in your brain all day is enough to straighten out your attitude and ditch the headache that’s been annoying you all day. Or maybe just for some kind of healthy activity that doesn’t take a lot of planning or preparation; something that you can do on a whim to maintain some sort of physical activity throughout the workweek. Either way, for fun or for a moment alone, some of the moments that we will remember most in life are some that we just happen to stumble upon.

Although I’ve walked past and into this place hundreds of times, it snuck up on me this time, and that made all the difference! On a stroll, thinking about nothing and taking in all of mother nature that I could for those few short minutes, I looked up and saw this:

image (1)

So much history and beauty tucked into the hills of a quiet southern Indiana town. Sometimes looking up from what you’re doing to enjoy the everyday is a good thing, and sometimes you never now what you’ll stumble onto during your stroll. Whether this scene is just down the street from you, or you’re thousands of miles from home, take it slow and be sure to appreciate everything that is going on around you. You never know what you’ll come across ..and that’s what makes Visit French Lick West Baden a unique and extraordinary destination!

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