A Whoopie “DO”

Admit it!  You love to sneak away for a sweet treat as much as I do!  And…if you are like me, you will not waste calories on just any treat.  It must be SPECIAL.  It must be MEMORABLE!  The treats available at Pauline’s Pastries in West Baden certainly qualify!

Pauline's Treats

I couldn't wait to take a bite!

My intention on this visit to Pauline’s was to learn more, get a few great photos of the tempting treats in the case and slip out, but my willpower is weak in the face of such tempting morsels.   Take a look at those strawberries…could you have walked away from those?

I first became obsessed with Pauline’s Red Velvet Whoopie Pies this Summer.  They possess all the rich flavor of the finest Red Velvet Cake with the portability of a cookie.  Genius!

Red Velvet & Chocolate Whoopi Pies!


What makes Pauline’s a Whoopie “DO”?  An amazing variety of flavors.  Woopie Pies also come in Chocolate-Peanut Butter, Chocolate-Cherry, Oreo, Grasshopper (chocolate-mint), Lemon Ginger, Pumpkin, German Chocolate & Banana-Peanut Butter.

Pauline’s Pastries is new in town, opening in April 2011.  After meeting owner/operators Hannah & Joshua Gonya, you might spend a few minutes wondering just who “Pauline” is … the following story is found on the back of the Pauline’s brochure.

Hannah & Joshua started dating back in High School.  Joshua comes from a big family that happens to include a sister named Hannah.  To avoid confusion when talking to family and friends, Joshua started referring to his girlfriend Hannah by her middle name “Pauline”.  Around the Gonya family, the name stuck.  Fast forward to Hannah’s Purdue University Economics Class.  During one notable business example, a bakery named Pauline’s Pastries was mentioned.    Hannah decided then and there that, if she ever opened a store, she had the name picked out.  After a few post college jobs, Hannah “Pauline” and Joshua decided to jump in.  My taste buds are really glad they did and I am sure yours will be too!

Cinnamon Rolls

Great with your morning coffee!

As you can imagine, Whoopie Pies are not the only delicious goodies that you will find at Paulines.  Five kinds of Cinnamon Rolls, seven flavors of Turnovers, five different Muffins, and TWENTY kinds of pie are found next to Danishes and Fruit Kites.  And still that is not all…. you will find Cakes, Cupcakes, Bread, Cheesecakes, Tarts & Napoleons.  The newest addition is Donuts!

On a recent visit, I asked Hannah about her favorite item.  She shared that she is most proud of her Chocolate Chip cookies.  After a quick taste, I could certainly see why.  The eight other kinds of cookies look pretty good too!

Surely by now your mouth is watering!  I am sure you will be including a stop at Pauline’s on your very next visit to French Lick West Baden,  You will find them located across from the historic West Baden Springs Hotel on the corner of Highway 56 & Ballard Street.  Phone: (812)936-PIES. Yes – they do accept special orders.  Be sure to tell them your FLF sent you!

Artisan Sandwich

Now THIS is a sandwich!

Just one more thing….
SANDWICHES.  I am not speaking of your typical cold cuts between two pieces of white bread!  Joshua is a sandwich ARTIST.  He personally discovered the recipe for the freshly baked artisan sandwich buns.  On these beautiful buns, you will find only Boar’s Head Meats & Cheeses.  Joshua provides you with a menu of unique meat, cheese & sauce combinations that elevate the basic deli sandwich into in inspired meal.  With names like Starvin Marvin, Sweet & Saucy, Sloppy Coupe and Dirty Bird, it is immediately evident that this is not your typical lunch experience.  If you are wondering…my favorite is the Jive Turkey!