In the beginning…

When the story you have to tell about a place has so many facets, where do you start?  The beginning?  The end?  Neither seems to work for me, so I will begin with today.  Today we begin to tell the story of Visit French Lick West Baden.

Small but mighty!  That is my favorite lump sum description of our small Indiana towns, French Lick and West Baden.  They share Orange County with Paoli, the county seat, and Orleans, one of the most charming communities I have ever visited.

Uniquely, you can describe our destination as having both world class and quaint charm.    Here, polished & exquisite lives next to down-to-earth & natural.  The phrase “there’s something for everyone” is overused and seems to have lost its impact but … here it applies perfectly.

I look forward to sharing the stories of my home with you!  Yes…I have lived here all my life.  I have had the great fortune to have this great playground in my back yard. I am sure that I will learn new things as I share a journey around Orange County with you.  There will also be new stories as our destination continues to grow and offer more to guests each year.  So I will end with an official WELCOME!  It is good to meet you!  I look forward to hearing your questions and comments.

Just one more thing…  I take requests!  Is there something you would like to hear about?  Let me know.

Until I see you again,  Your FLF (French Lick Friend)